Since its inception in October 1997 the development program in Africa has made tremendous strides in achieving its goals as set out by the ICC development program. Many more countries and participants than originally envisaged had been reached.

The game has certainly spread to most corners of Africa with the Africa Cricket Association (ACA) under the chairmanship of Peter Chingoka and his deputy Ray Mali having mooted plans to ensure consolidation of the progress and of an even more pro active development drive.

Africa has a lot to offer and the idea of “Bringing cricket to Africa” is undoubtedly taking shape and is forging ahead.

The Africa Cricket Association is proud of its constitution, as the preamble to the constitution states: "The Africa Cricket Association was born out of a desire amongst its members to develop Cricket in Africa and to foster co-operation and mutual assistance between members for the good of Cricket in Africa, each member recognizing the responsibility to assist other members where possible, and as far as possible."

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