Deep tissue massage story

Deep tissue massage story

Once a friend of mine went to a massage therapist for the first time. She was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The masseuse told her to undress and lay on the massage table and my friend did.

When the massage started, my friend was surprised by the pressure of the masseur. She had never received a deep tissue massage before and it was definitely more intense than she expected.But he didn’t want to say anything and spoil the experience, so he gritted his teeth and tried to relax.

At one point during the massage, the therapist was manipulating my friend’s leg and accidentally farted loudly. My friend was so shocked that she started laughing uncontrollably which made the masseuse laugh too.

They both ended up laughing so hard they had to take a break from the massage to pull themselves together. After that, the tension eased and my friend felt much more comfortable during the massage. It was a great experience and I even booked another massage with the same therapist.

There you have it: a hilarious massage story that proves even the most relaxing experiences can have unexpected humorous moments!

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