Should You Get A Massage When Sick?

While a massage is seen as an avenue to relax, it can also be used to cure pain and treat sicknesses. Many people are aware of the benefits of getting a Russian massage in Dubai and think getting one while they are sick is a good idea. The decision to get a massage when you are ill depends on what ailments you have. It is common knowledge that it is not advisable for a massage therapist to give a massage when they are sick for fear of spreading it if it is contagious. However, as a client, should you still get a massage while you are sick.

What Is the Answer?

The short answer is yes and no. As mentioned earlier, it depends on what kind of illness you have. If you are simply suffering from some discomfort or pain brought about by a more severe condition, then you can get a Russian massage in Dubai, trigger point, or reflexology massage to target certain areas. However, if you have something like a flue, it can be pretty uncomfortable to get a massage. It is not advisable to get a massage when down with the flu or a cold as this can be contagious and you stand the risk of infecting others.

Releasing Toxins

The whole essence of a massage asides from relieving pain is to release toxins and waste from the body. This is sometimes manifested in the form of congestion which can make your already bad situation worse. It will make it more difficult for you to breathe and you will certainly not enjoy the massage very much. Also, lying face down on your stomach may cause fluid to drip down your nose uncontrollably. This can be very embarrassing and will make both you and the massage therapist feel uncomfortable. You won’t want to be cleaning your nose every other minute in between your session. It can get really messy pretty fast and you wouldn’t want this.

Added Benefits

However, you can still benefit from a massage, nonetheless. To enjoy the great benefits of a massage, you need to have first gone through the first stages of your illness. Once the initial stages also known as the acute stage of the illness have passed, you can enjoy all the full benefits of a massage and get some relief as well. You will however need to inform the massage therapist of your present condition before booking a session to know if they can fix an appointment for you or if they have any policies as regards that.

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