What Not to Say to a Massage Therapist

Surprisingly, many people say inappropriate things, they are not supposed to, and masseuses don’t take it well. This isn’t because they are sensitive, but rather the things said are inappropriate. If you’re planning on booking an appointment soon don’t forget to visit an excellent Russian Massage Center in Dubai. Today we will dive deeper into what is appropriate to say to masseuses. Keep reading to learn all about massage etiquettes.

Don’t Ask Them To The Movies

Masseuses would rather keep professional relationships and only like to meet you in a professional setting. The therapist will decline the invite and probably even suggest that you visit another masseuse, especially if you make a suggestive request.

Avoid Excessive Noises

We agree that during a massage, noises are common; however, when a particular technique feels good, moaning is inappropriate. Avoid staring at the therapist and remember the loud noises you make could disturb other clients in the neighboring cabin. Also, continuous noises would indicate that you want more from the massage.

Don’t Comment On The Therapist’s Attractiveness

This industry has been misrepresented for years now, and therapists in the UAE are a tad sensitive to these compliments. While these steps start off being incredibly professional, it could make them wonder if you’re trying to change the equation of the relationship with such sort of comments.

Question Them

It’s excellent if you’re ready quickly; however, you must also understand that the therapist needs to prepare too. They need to get water, visit the washroom or simply take their time to avoid rushing you. You must also remember there are other clients who would not appreciate you yelling in the hallway. Therefore, try waiting patiently for the masseuse to return.

Do Not Undress In Front Of The Masseuse

Massage therapists prefer their relationship with the client remains professional. So, we advise that you should disrobe once the therapist leaves. A professional masseuse will expose the part they require to work on.

Do Not Touch The Therapist

As a part of the therapy you requested, it is their job to touch you. However, you do not need to touch them; this is where it begins to get awkward and weird. It could make the therapist feel uncomfortable.

Don’t Be Late

Showing up late for the appointment or speaking to someone for 10 minutes and expecting full time is inappropriate. If the therapist is not on time, you could expect the total time instead.

Do Not Ignore Company Policies

Massage therapists usually enjoy talking with the clients and knowing them better; however, there are certain boundaries to this. Avoid discussing subjects that lead to contention. Try to keep your relationship professional by avoiding specific conversations that distract the therapist from the goal.

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